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Why Shop Independent Retailers?

Argo Lehne | Fourth of July in Columbus Ohio

A&L Sales & Design Consultant, Dion, sharing his enthusiasm for Independence!

As we approach Fourth of July, we honor our country’s freedom and the wonderful opportunities we’ve been given. We are so fortunate for the fortitude of young “Dickie” Argo, an immigrant watchmaker from Scotland, who opened his own jewelry store in 1924.

How is it that we have preserved his small store and weathered the big box brands, chain stores and on-line shopping? The simple answer is through the loyalty of our customers.

But why do they choose A&L over and over? It’s clear our customers understand the benefits of supporting local business owners. (more…)

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Argo & Lehne Unveiled: The Secrets to our Continued Success

Working in a third generation jewelry store, I’m often asked, “What’s the secret of Argo & Lehne’s success?”

For those who don’t know me, I’m Michelle Berger, President of Argo & Lehne Jewelers. Native to Upper Arlington, I left for 15 years, returned to Columbus and collaborated with the Argo’s to lead the store in a new direction. We had countless meetings identifying the store’s unique niche in our local industry, our target customers and where we see ourselves in the future. Whatever changes we made, we knew we would be consistent and authentic with who we have always been: a jeweler with the highest quality products, highest ethical standards and highest level of service – a Columbus tradition.

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The History of Shopping in Columbus: Downtown to Kingsdale

Upper Arlington Historical Society joins us for “A Gem in our Community.”

This Saturday we were honored to host the Upper Arlington Historical Society. Former co-owner, Dick Argo, appeared as our guest speaker and discussed Argo & Lehne’s history in the Columbus area. After listening to his talk, I thought it would be interesting to our readers to revisit Columbus through the eyes of a thriving jewelry store which has had multiple locations during the years.  I’ve collected the information to make a two part series: “The History of Shopping in Columbus: Downtown to Kingsdale” and “Argo & Lehne Unveiled: The Secrets to our Continued Success”.

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