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Mother’s Day Photo Contest

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We are excited to announce the winner of our Mother’s Day Photo Contest: Katie!

The contest is now closed. Head over to our facebook gallery to see all the great pictures and read the stories submitted during the contest. Columbus is full of so many beautiful, inspiring, wonderful Mother’s. Happy Mother’s Day to all!


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Argo & Lehne’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year! The holidays are upon us and Argo & Lehne is here to help you with all of your gift giving needs.

Holiday shopping can be overwhelming, but always remember that a thoughtful gift is a good gift and bringing joy to your loved ones is what counts! We have something for every special person in your life.

View our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide on Pinterest to see what we recommend for your loved ones this year!

Gold Snowflake Ornament

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“Art at Argo’s” – Celebrating Local Columbus Artists

“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known”. –Oscar Wilde

When we started planning “Art at Argo’s,” a Facebook contest for local Columbus artists, we didn’t know what would happen. But we took a leap of faith and we’re pleased that we did!

The submissions were outstanding, with a wide variety of unique and interesting artistic styles. We were reminded how much amazing local talent there is here in Columbus. Thanks to all who shared their local art with Argo & Lehne and our Facebook community! You can see all the submissions in our Art at Argo’s Facebook Gallery.

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Enjoy An Unforgettable Date Night in Columbus

Columbus is for lovers.

Thought that moniker only applied to Virginia? Not so fast. Central Ohio is home to a thriving urban culture, exquisite food destinations, fashion-minded hotels and, of course, a full-service jeweler with one of a kind pieces that have been turning heads in the area for years. This is a city with heart; perfect for those looking to fall deeper in love.

Dazzle Me Columbus is a special staycation package for couples that immerses attendees in exclusive Columbus experiences.

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Top 5 Tips to Thoughtful Gift Giving

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  1. The first thing to remember about gift giving over the holiday is that it is never wrong to give a gift.
  2. Always keep in mind, that a thoughtful and well-intended gift is more impactful than something that is expensive and breaks the budget you have set for gift giving.
  3. (more…)

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Vintage Jewelry Spotlight: Retro Jewelry

Authentic retro jewelry is jewelry from about 1945-1960. Jewelry from this time period was inspired by the ostentatious style of Hollywood and was colorful, bold, and elaborate. The most common types of jewelry from this time period were large cocktail rings, bracelets, earrings, watches, brooches, necklaces and charm bracelets. The surge in popularity of retro jewelry can, in part, be attributed to the success of shows like Mad Men and icons of ‘50s style such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.




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Argo & Lehne 90th Birthday Celebration Event Recap

Thank you to everyone who stopped by for our 90th birthday celebration and 1/3 off Flash Sale! We had a blast sharing food and drinks with all of you. Special thanks to Fashion UA for modeling our jewelry, you all looked so beautiful! Make sure you stop by for Fashion UA’s big event on September 20 from 7 – 9 pm at the Municipal Center. The event will feature fabulous innovative designers, from Europe, to local designers, including swimwear to furs. It will surely be spectacular! Also, don’t forget that for 90 days following the Flash Sale, a large number of select items of all kinds will be 1/3 off.

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Tastemakers: Tracy’s jewelry box

Part of celebrating what matters is celebrating our customers.  We celebrate the tastemakers in our community who have style worth noting. We’ve sought these style icons out and asked them to create their dream jewelry box. Tracy is a business development professional in the legal industry. As a professional, she enjoys putting together tailored attire with an interesting piece of jewelry. On the weekends she literally shifts gears and can be found cycling or spending time at the horse barn. She balances her dress and casual styles with accessories that are flexible enough to put with a suit and her favorite pair of jeans. Tracy’s style tip: A colorful pashmina scarf adds a pop of color and dresses up whatever you’re wearing.  Tracy’s focus on giving back to the community is admirable. Every year she is deeply involved in Pelotonia, helping the law firm where she works to raise a significant amount of money for cancer research. Check out the photos we took of Tracy putting together her jewelry box. Stop by the store to see the entire case of Tracy’s picks, there’s sure to be something in it you can’t live without! DSC01383DSC01386DSC01425DSC01434DSC01485DSC01570DSC01641

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Sharon Santoso and Brian Clark

Brian proposed to me on our last night in Bali, Indonesia this past January. We were there on vacation with my family. It was very special because my parents live in Indonesia while we live in Ohio, and after dating for over five years, this was Brian’s first trip to Indonesia.

Brian knew how important family is to me. He first went to my father and asked for my hand in marriage. He planned out dinner at a beach-side seafood restaurant – which almost didn’t happen because my brothers were oblivious to his plan and wanted Japanese food instead! But Brian played it cool and I had no idea.

We were seated in a secluded area of the restaurant overlooking the ocean, and after our appetizers came out Brian suddenly said, “Everyone, I have something I would like to say…” He stood up, took my hand, and had me stand next to him. Next thing I knew, he was down on one knee, opening up a ring box, proposing to me in front of my mother, father, and two younger brothers. It was so beautiful! I was so happy, and I loved that we were able to share that special moment with everyone who meant so much to me. My parents said, “we’re not losing a daughter, but we are gaining a son.”


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Karen Burry

When I met my now-husband in 2008 I had told him that I had not gone on any vacations in my adult life. He took this as a challenge to whisk me away to exciting adventures at every possible chance. So I had no suspicions when he planned a trip for us on my birthday in June 2010 to Mackinac Island in Michigan. He insisted on driving the entire 8 hours himself and I was at a loss as to why he seemed so stressed out by the time we got there (I know, I’m oblivious). We took the ferry from the mainland and were immersed in the special place that is Mackinac. If you don’t know, one of the most awesome things about this island is that there are no cars allowed – so everyone gets around by horse. It has created a little bubble in time for the island and those who live on it. Its yearly inhabitants only number in a few hundred because of the fact that the island is unreachable except by snow mobile when the lake freezes over in the winter. It really is a charming place. And the Lilac festival was being held the weekend after we were there – lucky for us the lilacs had bloomed a little early and the entire island was fragrant and awash in purple. The one plan Daniel had made before we got to the island was to make reservations for dinner the last night we were there. When he had called the hotel we were staying at to make reservations he had asked the owner (who happens to also be the mayor, it turns out) where she and her husband would go for a special dinner. That was the place we were going to have to take a 45 minute carriage ride to for our special dinner. Of course, we were a bit late getting ready, so our carriage actually left without us! Daniel was sweating bullets at this point. But we called the company and they sent another carriage right over and we were on our way. It was a bit chilly so Daniel offered me his jacket. I was certainly content cuddled up to my man being driven through lush, quite woods on a brisk June evening. Dinner was delightful (I had the Michigan cherry stuffed chicken) and Daniel and I went to take a walk around the grounds of the beautiful hotel where we had eaten. As we came to a cliff which Daniel insisted we were going to have to climb down to get to the shore, I glanced in disbelief from the steep drop to my nice heels. As I was attempting to argue with him that this was a bad idea, he hugged me tightly and told me how much he loved me, that his life had been all leading up to meeting me. I was wondering if this was a ploy to try and get me down that ridiculous hill. Then he dropped to one knee and I honestly have no idea what came out of his mouth next. I think it was something like “marry me”, or at least I hope so because I whispered “yes” as quickly as I could. He stood up and hugged me and we kissed one of those beautiful movie kisses that make everyone in the theater swoon. Afterwards I found out that Daniel had looked at the satellite image of that area and did not realize the drop between the hotel and the shoreline – he had wanted to propose with the Mackinac Bridge behind us. I also found out he had already cleared this with the manager of the hotel so they had champagne and desert waiting for us when we came back in. He had also arranged for a private carriage to take us back to our hotel – one that would circle the entire island for a romantic ride under the stars. And as we sat in our carriage for two, he broke out a laptop, opened it up, and played a beautiful video for me. The first part was filled with pictures of our relationship – the great times we had had together, and was set to the song “Over the Rainbow” from 50 First Dates (one of our favorite movies). Once the song ended, I was greeted by the smiling face of my father. It turned out Daniel had driven the 3 hours both ways to ask my father’s blessing several months before our engagement. He had then asked my father and step-mother to make a video congratulating us! The next video included Daniel’s parents, the next our best friends, and then the last was my mother’s family. A month before this trip we had taken a trip to Houston to see my little cousin graduate high school and my mother’s three brothers had all been there – and Daniel had asked each of them for their blessing since my mother had passed away and could not give it herself. The end of this video was my Uncle Roger in a fish lens telling Daniel, “If she said ‘no’, call me… immediately!”. Well, thankfully, I said “yes”. Daniel and I were married 6 months later in a small ceremony that is still the talk of our families. And we look forward to even more wonderful adventures.


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