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Argo Approved: A Stamp of Approval for UA Restaurant Hudson 29

Hudson 29 | Upper Arlington Restaurant Besides the normal chatter of jewelry inside the walls of Argo & Lehne, you will often hear discussions of our favorite restaurants, events, cocktails, day trips and of course,  everything art based. Perhaps the commonality began with our passion for jewelry but it’s clear we also share a love for Columbus and all it has to offer. So, we begin our first installment of what will most likely be many of “Argo Approved”- our wonderful experiences about town and what makes us want to keep coming back!

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Inside Argo’s: Glenda Argo

Who is Glenda Argo?

A country girl at heart, I love family, children, animals and all things living and growing (except centipedes).

Glenda’s Position:

Media Coordinator – main duties are marketing, particularly social media & email marketing. I also help Bob with appraisals and anything else that needs doing.


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The 2017 Spring Style Report

In the transformation from drab winter to the explosion of colors and shapes that is spring, we present our spring style report! Just as we never get bored with spring, we never tire of the fun of discovering new, fresh, trending fashion. Here’s what we found:


Spotted on the Spring 2017 Runway is a flashback of the punkGothic fashion that first came into vogue in the early 1980’s.  Crucifixes worn as a stand alone piece and layered in different sizes, styles and metals adorned the runway. Channeling Madonna!

Crucifix Fashion: 2017 Argo & Lehne Style Report


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The Personalized Touch of Engraved Gifts


Engravable Gifts at Argo & Lehne Jewelers

When looking for a gift that shows thoughtfulness and personalization, consider engraving. It’s that extra touch that makes the recipient feel appreciated. Create a keepsake or an heirloom.

How to Decide…Machine Engraving or Hand Engraving?

So, you found the perfect gift and now you’re ready to make it even more special by personalizing it with engraving.  Of course there are decisions such as font style and the perfect message; however, how do you choose machine vs hand engraving?

For starters, hand engraving is absolutely gorgeous! If you have selected a piece that is meant to be an heirloom I can’t recommend enough: hand engraving. When side by side with a machine engraved piece you can really see the difference. Hand engraving is an art. The etching is far deeper than machine engraving and therefore will last much longer. Machine engraving outlines the letter, while hand engraving carves into the entire letter (almost scooping the metal out). This can create a very reflective and eye catching surface. With hand engraving, you are also able to make justifications and flexibility to the font and its spacing. This is much more difficult to do with machine.

Hand versus Machine Engraving

Pictured: hand engraved yellow gold disc charm, left. Machine engraved sterling porringer, right.


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Win a Personalized Keepsake Box this Mother’s Day

Not sure of the perfect gift for mom this year? Your child’s doodle might just win the most cherished gift she’s ever received! 

Ask your child to draw a picture for Mother’s Day. You can download the template here or visit the store to pick up the instructions. Their unique drawing may just come to life! The winner will receive our interpretation of the drawing, machine engraved on this gorgeous large pewter round box.

How To Enter:Large Pewter Round Box - Engraved Gift

Not to worry, this is not a drawing competition. We gladly accept drawings, designs, words of love, quotes or anything else that is inspired when thinking of your mother.

  • First, entrants must ‘Like’ Argo & Lehne Facebook page.
  • Then, submit your drawing (jpeg) to michelle@argolehne.com.  In the email, please include your name and contact phone number. This can also be submitted in our showroom in Upper Arlington.
  • Also, include any short phrase or message you may want to see on the final design. This can be included in the drawing or just as a side note.

The submission dates run from April 24th – May 7th.

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Symbols of Faith: The Meaning Behind Religious Gifts

Throughout history, religious symbols were widely used in works of art to portray a message of faith. Today, these meaningful symbols still resonate and continue to be used in jewelry.

Often the first symbols we relate to faith are the cross, angel, or Star of David; however, there are many lesser known symbols. Below is a list of other sacred and thoughtful symbolic gift ideas that bring faith and blessing to any occasion.

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Inside Argo’s: Janet Kerekes

Who is Janet Kerekes?

Janet is extremely enthusiastic and kindhearted. She connects with everyone she meets and is extremely conscientious. She is the type of person you wish you could work with in every situation. She goes out of her way to have all your questions answered, she follows through with all she says while being a complete delight. At Argo & Lehne, we see her as a socialite. She’s always in the know of the most recent and hottest, whether its the latest restaurant or movie, Janet has researched it, seen it or put it on her bucket list. Janet is fun and we simply adore her!

Janet’s Position:

Part-Time Sales Associate since October, 2015


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Art at Argo’s: John Wilson

Back in the summer of 2016, we exhibited the beautiful paintings of Frances McEwan Monfort, the sister and protege of local artist Michael McEwan. Since we loved her work so much, it only made sense that we would look for more of Michael’s students to display here at Argo’s–which brings us to the wonderful paintings of John Wilson. John’s impressionistic landscapes are truly charming and bring warmth to our store.

About John WilsonJohn Wilson - Art at Argo's

John was born in Big Stone Gap, a small coal mining town in Southwest Virginia.  He received his doctorate in cancer epidemiology from Roswell Park Cancer Center and the State University of New York at Buffalo, NY.  His professional career has taken him from New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington DC, Georgia, West Virginia, Tennessee and finally to Ohio, where he worked at the James Cancer Hospital at The Ohio State University.

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Get Together. Be Bold. Support Women.

Sharon WeiAs International Women’s Day approaches, I found myself thinking of the many influential women in our business that have astounded me with their talent and determination. One woman in particular is Sharon Wei, a local Columbus jewelry designer who focuses on freshwater pearls from her home country of China.

In 2004, a beautiful, vivacious and visibly pregnant young Sharon walked through the doors of Argo & Lehne with no scheduled appointment.  As a side note, when Sharon walks into a room she has a happy glow that is truly infectious. Of course we were drawn to her persuasive personality, but when she showed us the quality and design of her workmanship we were hooked. She landed her first big account and we landed one of our hottest lines and a friend for life.

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Shine for a Cause: Freedom a la Cart

Freedom a la CartThe Who

Freedom a la Cart is a unique approach to catering through cause cuisine. They offer a large, tasty selection of culinary delights from breakfast ‘til dinner such as bacon wrapped dates, or their signature box lunches.

Their mission is to empower survivors of human trafficking to build a new life of freedom and self-sufficiency. They believe that those who have lived in slavery should be empowered through economic independence. They are committed to training members of the community on the issue surrounding human trafficking in Franklin Country, as well as providing care to survivors.

Not only do they provide support services and workforce training, but they actually employ 25-30 females who are all survivors of human trafficking. The survivors employed must be referred by a program and have completed a drug and alcohol recovery program before their start.


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