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Jenni Betz

We’d just settled in Clintonville, having both accepted our first jobs in Columbus after college. We were renting a house that needed a bit of work, and I was mopping the floors for the millionth time. Our first date had been accidental, on the Fourth of July. I sat next to him on a mutual friend’s roof top and we watched the fireworks together. We’d gone to preschool at the same center, and our parents had been friends, but it wasn’t until high school that our friendship blossomed. So several years later on July 4th, I shouldn’t have been surprised when Andy suggested we walk over to the Park of Roses. I had on a grease stained t-shirt, my hair in a pony-tail. I’m sure I didn’t smell as fresh as the flowers. But Andy got down on one knee and slipped my grandmother Eleanor’s engagement ring on my left hand. (the one my Grandpa Jack purchased at Argo & Lehne in 1947 – see photo of receipt!) We named our first born after my grandma – Celia Eleanor. We dreamed that someday she might even wear the ring. She died, though, when she was just four years old, from a neurodegenerative disorder called Batten Disease. There may not be harder circumstances for a marriage to survive than the loss of a child. We’re raising her younger brother’s now though, and relish in the joy and busy-ness they bring to our lives.


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Kinsco Csibi

Sandor and I have been in a long distance relationship for 4.5 years now. We met back in 2005 at a Hungarian New Years Eve ball in Welland, Ontario. In 2009, we started driving 269 miles to see each other every other weekend and we look forward to turning this long distance relationship into a marriage. I was originally born in Transylvania and moved to the United States with my family in October of 2001. We had been dating for two years in October of 2011, and I was in the process of receiving my American citizenship. The Hungarian Hall in Toronto had been sold and Sandor had been trying to convince me to attend the final event, the annual Szekler ball. This turned out to be one of the largest events with over 600 people attending. I told Sandor that there was no way that I would attend as my Greencard was going to expire on the Monday after the ball. At the time my paperwork was submitted and I was awaiting my American citizenship. Two weeks before the ball I received my American citizenship. Sandor had already bought tickets to the Ball and now had to figure out how to get me a passport within two weeks. It usually takes 6-8 weeks to obtain a passport, but Sandor figured out that in Detroit they will issue a passport in 24 hours. The weekend before the ball, we went to Detroit to obtain my passport. We went on a Friday afternoon, and they told me that it would be ready by Monday and I would have to go and pick it up. The Tuesday before the ball is when I received the phone call that my passport was ready. I thought that it was odd that my parents were going to this ball, along with my brother and Sandor’s entire family. He and I usually go to these Hungarian balls because we love to dance and have a nice Hungarian cooked meal. In the middle of all my passport troubles, the exam that I was supposed to take the Wednesday before the ball got moved to the Monday after. I was still going to go to the ball, after all this trouble, but I was just really stressed out because it was a big exam. The day of the ball, I was studying for my exam while Sandor was running around getting ready and doing very secretive things, but I was too busy to try to figure out what he was up to. Sandor lives about an hour from Toronto, so after studying all day I wanted to chit chat with him during our car ride to the ball. He was persistent that I study on the way there, but I didn’t want to. So what he did instead of talking to me is cranked up the music so he wouldn’t have to talk to me. I thought it was odd, but I just went with it. During dinner, everyone was acting so strange and talking very nervously. Sandor barely touched his food, and he always has a good appetite. I asked him if everything was okay, and as he said yes sweat dripped down the side of his face. I noticed that he was still wearing his tux coat and it was warm in the hall. I asked him to take his jacket off since he was sweating, and he wouldn’t do it. I started taking it off for him, and then he snapped at me and told me to leave him alone. I was taken back a bit, but since everyone was acting strange I figured I was just missing something. It turned out later that the ring was in his coat pocket. A few minutes after dinner, we both walked to the bathroom and he said that he would wait for me right outside. Three minutes later, I come out and he wasn’t there. I figured he went to go get a drink. He wasn’t in the bar either. Hmm strange. As I walked back into the hall his best friend Christina handed me our door prize tickets and told me that Sandor had gone to the bathroom. I took the tickets and sat down next to my friend Zsuzsa. I thought to myself, I usually don’t win anything, why should I bother looking at the numbers so I just put the tickets on the table not paying attention to the raffle. Once they were calling out the numbers, Christina was waving her tickets in my face so I would look at mine. I was like okay, okay I will look at mine. And what do you know? I won the first raffle. I thought I won a nice bottle of wine, but on my way up to the stage, I saw the MC grab a huge vase of roses. I was thinking to myself “Oh great, how am I going to take these across the border?” As soon as the MC gave me the flowers, Sandor came out from behind the stage with a microphone in his hand shaking. Then it hit me “Oh my God, is this really happening? Here? Now?” Throughout his whole speech, all I could think about was not crying so he could get through his speech. People had no idea what was going on for the first few minutes, but as soon as he dropped to one knee, all 600 people were whistling and cheering. I can’t even describe what I felt at that moment, but I instantly knew my answer was Yes. I was speechless so I just kept on shaking my head without saying a word. The rest of the night was filled with lots of hugs and kisses and a few tears of joy. It was definitely a night to remember for the rest of our lives.


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Shannon Kelly

Written by the soon to be Groom! It all started Monday evening when I went to Shannon’s parents’ house to ask for their blessing in asking for Shannon’s hand in marriage. This went very well as I expected but I must admit I was a little nervous, I’m sure as all men have been since the beginning of time. This is also where I had to begin covering myself so that Shannon would not catch on to what I was planning. I convinced her I had left work late that evening and she had no idea that I was actually talking with her parents. Adding to the excitement of the week Tuesday evening I was offered a new position at Nationwide which I gladly accepted, Shannon and I shared in excitement and it was hard for me to keep to myself knowing even greater excitement was soon coming. I kept indicating to Shannon that I wanted snow on the ground when I eventually asked her which wasn’t true but it was the best I could come up with to throw her off the trail of my plan. I think she believed me somewhat, but the main factors helping keep my cover was her belief that I had not spoken to her parents and also the belief I did not know when I would have the ring. This brings us to Wednesday when I took the afternoon off work to go to the doctor, I also accomplish getting the supplies I needed for my proposal. I visited the park where I would be proposing and visualized how it would look. I then went to the stores and I got the supplies I needed including the candles and rose pedals. This is when the full plan took its final shape I knew exactly when, where and how I was proposing. Also on Wednesday evening I got confirmation that the ring would be ready for pick-up on Friday. So that was the last major hurdle and it was a big one, once I had that confirmation we were set for Saturday. Friday after work I went down to Argo and Lehne to pick up the ring, when I opened it and saw the ring it was beautiful and it took my breath away. Luckily for me Shannon was still very tired as was I from seeing Breaking Dawn the Twilight movie the previous evening at midnight, which lead to little sleep, Shannon was taking a nap when I got home so I snuck in and hid the ring in my suit jacket. I convinced Shannon that I had left work late again and she still didn’t suspect a thing. This brings us to the day of the proposal which we had to wake up early and drive to Dayton to see my sister graduate from Wright State. This was very nice, but it lead to more stress as we were having a Thanksgiving party later that afternoon and of course I was also proposing. I promised Shannon a couple times it would be a good and my promise came true later that evening. When we came back home from the Dayton we had a lot of work to do for the party, I helped clean and also ran many errands and I was also making the final preparations for the proposal. Our friends came over and the whole time I was looking at the time as I was getting anxious to put my plan in motion. Around 5:45 I told Shannon that Ryan and I were headed to the store to get some more beer, however I was not coming back. Ryan and I headed over to the park just a few minutes from the house; we met our friends Jared and Kelsey there and began to setup. We laid down the blanket and placed the 24 candles I had around the edge, the wind made lighting these difficult and I probably re-light each one at least three times, we also laid down the pink rose pedals. Around 6 o’clock or so Ryan headed back to the house with a letter that I had written for Shannon telling her how much I love her and to join me for some sparkle in the park. Ryan took the letter back to the house and Shannon read it and now began to realize what was happening. As they made their way over to the park my parents and her parents along with other relatives began to arrive. I had them waiting at the entrance of the park to meet Shannon there; she finally arrived along with our friends from the party. Even though it took her a second she finally realized that I was waiting for her. As she walked towards me an incredible joy came over me and everything was perfect. She hugged me with tears in her eyes and I told her how much I loved her and my desire to spend the rest of my life with her. I told her I would get to the good part and got down on one knee and asked, “Shannon Nicole Kelly Will you marry me?” She said yes making me the luckiest man in the world as she agreed to spend the rest of her life with me. Our friends and family cheered and congratulated us and we returned to party as fiancés.


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Alfred Tibor | Uplifting Sculpture

Alfred TiborBorn in 1920 in a small village in Hungry, Alfred Tibor has lived an expansive life. From the ferocity of a Russian battlefield to the brutality of a Siberian prison camp to the adventure of his life in the U.S., Tibor has experienced all of human emotion, cataloged it within himself, and delivers it to the world through his sculpture.

As spring approaches residents of Upper Arlington and Dublin look forward to the completion of sculpture installations of Tibor’s graceful and up-lifting works.

Visit us in the store or online to browse many of Tibor’s sculptures.


Alfred Tibor Sculpture on top of the world

Alfred Tibor first flight

Alfred Tibor sisters


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Appraisal Examples

Here are some example appraisals for your reference:

pearl necklace

pink tourmaline diamond ring

sapphire diamond bracelet

yellow gold diamond pendant

rose gold diamond ring

yellow gold diamond ring




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Appraisal terms and limits



Replacement value is the current value for which an item may be purchased in a jewelry store engaged in the business of selling comparable merchandise.  Unless indicated, we have not removed any gems.


Diamonds are graded for the three quality factors of cutting, color & clarity according to the American Gem Society diamond grading standards.  Each of these quality factors is rated on a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being the best possible grade for that particular quality factor.  No diamond may be assigned a grade of 0 for any quality factors unless it is examined un-mounted.  Mounted diamonds are given a provisional grade in each of the quality factors.


Unless otherwise stated, all colored stones listed on this appraisal report is assumed to have been subjected to a permanent & in most cases undetectable color enhancement process.  Prevailing market values are based on these processes, which are universally practiced & accepted by the gem & jewelry trade.


Mountings prohibit the full & accurate evaluation of gemstones. All measurements & weights are approximate unless gemstones have been removed from mountings.  Identification of metals & methods of construction are determined only to the extent that the design permits.


The values expressed are based on the current information available at the date of the appraisal & the appraiser’s judgment & opinion. It is not a representation or warranty that the items will realize those values if offered for sale.


Rendering this appraisal does not require testimony or attendance in court or at any other hearing. The appraiser will try to accommodate arrangements made a reasonable time in advance.  Compensation will be at our customary hourly rate.


This copyrighted report shall not be used in whole or in part, other than its intended purpose, including but not limited to publicity, promotion or transfer of the article.


This report is not a guarantee or agreement or offer to buy & Argo & Lehne Jewelers makes no representation or warranty regarding this report or the article described herein.


This report is specifically limited to the article described at the time of its examination & is limited to the person requesting such report at the time the article & report are delivered.  It is not valid at any later date or for any subsequent transfer.


Argo & Lehne Jewelers, Inc. shall not be liable for any loss, damage or expense as a result of this descriptive report to any person after the article has left the custody of Argo & Lehne.  Due to the nature of the article & the possibility of damage, change or other occurrence Argo & Lehne for itself, its agents & its employees specifically denies any liability to any persons for any reason for this report after the article has left the control of Argo & Lehne Jewelers, Inc.

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36 Questions to Ask When Insuring Your Jewelry

Here are 36 Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agent 

1. What kinds of jewelry insurance are there?

2. Is my policy all risk?

3. Against what risks is unscheduled jewelry protected?

4. Against what risks is scheduled jewelry protected?

5. What risks are not covered?

6. What is the cost per thousand for full coverage?

7. What is the cost per thousand for partial coverage?

8. What are the limitations of partial coverage?

9. What is the deductible?

10. How much can I lower my premium by increasing my deductible?

11. What security precautions are required?

12. How much can I lower my premium by increasing precautions? (home security systems, special door locks, fire detectors, fireproof in-house safe, items stored in safety deposit box, etc.)

13. What proof is needed to justify a claim?

14. Am I still covered if there is negligence or carelessness?

15. Can I opt for cash instead of replacement?

16. Is cash out for full value? If not, how is it determined?

17. Is depreciation imposed? When, how and to what is it computed?

18. What types of property are not covered?

19. What exclusions are there?

20. Who is covered?

21. What is the difference in limitation between jewelry and silverware?

22. Can I replace a damaged piece or am I limited to repair?

23. What geographical limitations are there to my coverage? Is my children’s jewelry covered for the same risks when they are not at home? (college, summer job, travel in country, travel out of country, etc.)

24. What is coverage if an item is lost, stolen, or damaged while in another’s possession?

25. What is coverage if part of an item is lost, stolen, or damaged in another’s possession?

26. If I lose part of a set is coverage for full value or limited to the percentage of loss?

27. Is an appraisal needed for full coverage?

28. How often should an appraisal be updated?

29. Am I limited to the appraised replacement value if there has been an increase or is coverage for full replacement value at time of loss?

30. How is value determined if an item is irreplaceable?

31. Do any circumstances void my coverage? (flood, lightning, war, nuclear disaster, fire, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, etc.)

32. Can I use my jeweler for replacement?

33. Can I verify proper replacement with my jeweler if an insurance company source makes the replacement?

34. Will my claim and the replacement value be more readily accepted if an AGS Jeweler, Certified Gemologist, Certified Gemologist Appraiser does the appraisal?

35. If I have a lab report or laser identification on my diamond or gem will it enhance my coverage or improve my premium?

36. What is the actual language in the policy for each concern I’ve expressed?

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Opals Crack in the Cold | Columbus Ohio Jeweler

We love to educate our customers. So, in the spirit of education and in response to this intense cold snap we want to be sure you know how to care for your jewelry in the cold. One stone that is particularly vulnerable to the extreme cold are opals.

Jennifer explains in her “Did You Know” video.

Cushion-cut Pink Opal Ring

This unique cushion-cut pink opal and diamond ring is a stunner.

Black Opal Ring

Mesmerizing black opal and diamond ring.

Opal and Diamond Cluster Ring

A floral-inspired diamond and opal cluster ring.

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Re-Imagining Vintage Jewelry

Vintage pins are beautiful. But, how often will you really wear them? Jennifer inherited a gorgeous deco pin set from her grandmother and re-imaged it into a wearable stunner of a necklace.

Argo & Lehne are experts in custom jewelry design. We help customers re-imagine old pieces into new treasures every day.


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Diamond Studs or Diamond Hoop Earrings?

There are so many tough choices in this world: chocolate or vanilla, heels or flats, cappuccino or latte, and hoops or studs. Luckily, Jennifer is back with her latest “I’m Loving It” video to walk us through selecting the perfect earrings.



How Much Do You Love Me?




These pack a big bang!


You can never go wrong with a classic.

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